🌳 Grass

What is grass?


Grass is special. Grass is mother nature. get the chance to collect GrassNFTs, a collection of a 1000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Help a cause

10% of all proceeds donated to California Wildfire Relief funds below.

CAL Fund, Red Cross, Direct Relief, The Oregon CF and Global Giving.

Manicured Lawn

~ 32.80%

Sea Kelp

~ 23.95%

Jungle Foliage

~ 14.80%

Ravenna Tall Grass

~ 9.70%

Prairie Weed

~ 7.95%

Dry Bermuda Grass

~ 6.40%

Littleroot Shrub

~ 3.50%

Elysian Meadow

~ 0.90%

Drop Date: August 30 6pm EST

Price: 0.03 ETH

Sold: 0/1000

Grass - 20 Max
Frequently asked Questions
When is the presale?
Monday August 30 at 6pm EST
How do Airdrops work?
Follow us on Twitter to join the community. Sharing & retweeting certain posts gives you a chance to win an airdrop. We have 10 special airdrops for our community.
How many can I mint at once?
You can mint 20 at once.
If I missed the presale, where do I buy from?
Check out secondary sales on Opensea.

What's Next?

Minting Opens

Announcement of first airdrop challenge. Early members will get a chance to win 10 special grass NFTs.


We'll set up a community wallet, which will help fund the donation to Wildfire protection nonprofits.


Meet other GrassNFT owners. Get access to community challenges and events.